Berlin, Wisconsin USA

There are many ways of giving, volunteering is one of them. Others include Direct Monetary Donations, Food Donations, In Kind Donations, Workplace Giving and Employer Matching, Planned Giving, or Sponsoring a Food Drive or Fundraiser.

Direct Monetary Donations

When the food pantry experiences a shortage of food donations, monetary gifts allow us to maximize relationships with grocery vendors and wholesalers to purchase the staple foods needed. Monitary donations also help us defray operating expenses.

Food Donations

Donating food is the most direct method of supporting Berlin Food Pantry, Inc’s mission. 

A good rule of thumb for donating is: if you’d serve it, we want it.

In Kind Donations

You can help reduce our operating costs by donating printing services, computer support, building equipment, and much more.

Workplace Giving and Employer Matching 

Some employers will offer to match your contributions, further maximizing your gift and significantly increasing its value.

Planned Giving

Donating food and volunteering are critical to helping our clients on the front lines, but monetary donations are an enormous help to our staff behind the scenes. The money we collect purchases additional food when needed, provides us with the proper equipment, and covers our operational costs. It also gives our staff time and resources to build upon our mission and vision.

Host a Food Drive

Food drives sustain our inventory and help us plan for the future. One of the pantry's best resources is the volunteer-run food drive. While we encourage individual giving, food drives ignite exponential growth through collective effort.

Other Giving Options

From time to time, other options become available that offer ways in which visitors to the website can give. As they come to our attention, we will list them here. Click on the items below for more information about these giving option.

Thrivent Choice

This institution is an equal opportunity provider