Client Information
Berlin, Wisconsin USA


People come to food pantries because they are faced with food insecurity. Food insecurity refers to the lack of access to enough food to fully meet basic needs at all times due to the lack of financial resources. For some, it may be an emergency situation to overcome a temporary setback. For others it may be an ongoing basis due to limited income.  

No matter the reason, all are welcome, and all are treated with respect and dignity.

Food Pantry services are available to all low-income residents of Berlin, WI and adjacent zip codes. Each client household may receive food once per month. The amount of food is dependent on family size and special needs.

First time visitors to the Food Pantry are asked to complete a simple client interview and registration process.

All clients are greeted by a food pantry volunteer who will answer questions and explain our process. A Guide will provide you with a cart and walk you through the pantry shopping process. Volunteers will also help you with getting the food to your car.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider

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